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IDEO CONSEIL can advise and support you



IDEO CONSEIL offers proximity and customer relationship.

Our firm code of conduct is particularly based on respecting human values and environment.



IDEO CONSEIL guides you to make the necessary steps to start up your business lawfully.


From the very first idea of the project to the constitution of your company, also integrating a business plan which is presented to the financers, we assist you in your steps and we give answers to the plenty of questions you may have to ask.


Technical questions about manager social status and corporate legal status are deeply broached.


Our will of advising includes an awareness about traps to avoid since the corporate creation.


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IDEO CONSEIL brings you its expertise to takeover a targeted company.


In order to direct the buyer on the targeted company, it is important to take an inventory of accounting, fiscal and social aspects of the operation, but in addition to point at the legal framework.

The relevance of an audit of acquisition must be evoked and alternative solutions broached during the appointments with your chartered accountant.


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Non-profit organisation


The non-profit sector is full of accounting, tax and social particularities.


In order to bring relevant advice with a high added value, IDEO CONSEIL has the necessary resources to help you take strategic decisions and direct you in a moving legislative universe. 


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You are looking for a chartered accountant


Complexity of accounting, social and tax laws must not lead to reduce the manager performance.


So as to enable the company manager to focus on his core business, IDEO CONSEIL provides you documentary monitoring and guides you in your one-time choices (investment decision, hiring opportunity,…) and in your strategic choices (balance sheet optimization, legacy opportunities research,…)


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You are looking for a legal auditor


The legal auditor guarantees financial security. He brings a higher credibility to your annual accounts, and gives security to the third parties (bankers, customers, suppliers, investors,…).


IDEO CONSEIL is also your partner for every restructuring operation : transformation, provision operations,… . We are registered to the Cour d’Appel d’Angers on the list of legal auditors likely to be named as « commissaire aux apports et à la transformation. »


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